20 - 23 April 2022

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

ICPH 2022 Poster Tour Information


We are excited to be running guided poster tours at ICPH 2022 for the first time. All posters on display will feature in a guided poster tour, allowing authors to present their work and encourage discussion and networking. Poster tours will take place during the dedicated poster sessions on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 April:

Thursday 21 April: 17:50 – 18:35 BST
Friday 22 April: 17:30 – 18:15 BST

Each tour will be led by a Chair, and multiple tours will run at once, each starting
at the first poster number listed below.

Each poster presenter should stand at their poster at their allotted time, ready to present their work. Each presenter has been allotted a total of 3 minutes, including a short Q&A with the Chair and other tour attendees.

THURSDAY 21 APRIL 2022, 17:50 - 18:35

Poster Tour 1: Analytical sciences - measurement of polyphenols A P1 - P11
Poster Tour 2: Bioavailability, absorption and metabolism A P23 - P34
Poster Tour 3: Brain and cognition P47 - P55
Poster Tour 4: Cardiovascular disease P56 - P74
Poster Tour 5: Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases P87 - P92
Poster Tour 6: Mechanisms in action P104 - P111
Poster Tour 7: Other A P112 - P118


FRIDAY 22 APRIL 2022, 17:30 - 18:15

Poster Tour 8: Analytical sciences - measurement of polyphenols B P12 - P22
Poster Tour 9: Bioavailability, absorption and metabolism B P35 - P46
Poster Tour 10: Cancer P56 - P64
Poster Tour 11: Clinical trials P75 - P86
Poster Tour 12: Gut microbiota P93 - P103
Poster Tour 13: Other B P119 - P125